Monday, 30 June 2008

Old Stuff.

Some old poems I wrote. In order of "oldness".

as I recall this was written in....March?

Le Lion.

You are guilt
and you are shame

You are hurt
and you are fear

And you rip my soul to shreds

You are agony
and pain

You are bared teeth
and sharpened claws
Your roar would shake the earth
Your jaws could rip and tear

And my soul is torn apart

My lion, my false-hearted lion




Weariness enfolds you
Sickness haunts you
Have you grown thinner
Than you were before?

You feel frail and fragile
You look tired and fatigued

Is it us? With our mistakes
Our demands, tantrums
and stamping feet
That leech your vitality?

Is it the sadness and emptiness
In the ring on your left hand

Til death do you part,
til death do you part
will we see the truth in that soon?

Longest post ever

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


I can dance this dance,
just as well as you.
I can dance this dance,
it only takes two.

Harmonious in the starlight
is the music that speaks
of summertime and bright eyes
and lovers falling in love

It speaks to us of beauty and wonder
and splendour, of everything there is to love
and be.

It is a faint wish,
a slight desire
that there will be a hand outstretched
warm, and comforting
to lead me onto the dancefloor

twirl me around in dazzling colours
and flood my world with vivid feeling
to dip me and spin me
one step, two step.

To lead me on a promenade
of a silk smooth
wood floor,while the patrons dining
watch on, watch on.

Shall we dance like lovers,
Shall we dance like friends,
the last pair at the very end
Gliding along in something like romance
Something like beauty or grace
All night, could I dance

I can dance this dance,
just as well as you.
I can dance this dance,
It only takes two.

So give me your arm, and lead the way.
Save me this dance, just this one dance,
save your last dance,
for me.