Sunday, 2 November 2008

O to the BAMA

[(c) Lan Cao]

I've decided to take this blog more seriously--that is, update more, try to write creatively more. I figure that it'll help me de-stress in the midst of IB.

There's a photo up there ^^ and why? because it's beautiful. It's a dirty, hazardous construction site in Phu My Hung, but the colours, the friend Lan took this photo and I don't know why, but he can make anything look beautiful. I've decided I might pick out some of his photos and use them as inspiration for a poem.

Anyway, in reference to the title of this post, I thought it was time I aired my political views. I'm a democrat, and if I could vote, I would vote for Obama. I DO think McCain would make a good president (though he wouldn't affect change in the way Obama can) but the fact that he's old and the his VP is SARAH PALIN is worrying. If the man croaks, we've got Miss freakin Maverick sitting in the oval office. 
In fact, here is a HILARIOUS webdoohickey which imagines what Palin would be like in the Oval office:

 I've been crazy downloading music for the past few days (and putting off my homework in the process). Some are old, some new, but I can't get them out of my head lately.

Jamrock, Damian Marley
My Hero, Paramore (Foo Fighters Cover)
Creator, Santogold
Single Ladies, Beyonce
Coin Operated Boy, Dresden Dolls
Dirty Business, Dresden Dolls
Bliss, Muse
The City Is At War, Cobra Starship
Great DJ, The Ting Tings
Lights On, The Pierces
Time is Running Out (by Muse), Section Quartet
Music is My Hot Hot Sex, Cansei de Ser Sexy

A la prochaine,